Vagelis Plevris Curriculum Vitae

General information, academic background,
research interests, publications and others

II. Editorial positions in international journals

He serves in various editorial positions for academic journals:

A. Chief Editor

B. Other major editorial positions

C. Member of the Editorial Board

  1. American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, by Science Publications (ISSN O: 1941-7039, P: 1941-7020)
  2. Computer Engineering & Information Technology, by SciTechnol (ISSN : 2324-9307)
  3. Frontiers in Materials: Mechanics of Materials, by Frontiers (ISSN: 2296-8016)
  4. Heliyon Journal, by Elsevier (ISSN: 2405-8440)
  5. Int. Journal of Applied Engineering Research, by Research India Publications (ISSN O: 0973-9769, P: 0973-4562)
  6. Int. Journal of Constructive Research in Civil Engineering, by ARC Publications PVT LTD (ISSN: 2454-8693)
  7. Int. Journal of Masonry Research and Innovation, by Inderscience Enterprises Ltd (ISSN O: 2056-9467, P: 2056-9459)
  8. Int. Journal of Research in Engineering and Innovation, by IJREI (ISSN: 2456-6934)
  9. Journal for Advanced Research in Applied Sciences, by IAETSD India (ISSN: 2394-8442)
  10. Journal of Aircraft and Spacecraft Technology, by Science Publications (ISSN O: 2523-1197, P: 2523-1200)
  11. Journal of Computer Science, by Science Publications (ISSN O: 1552-6607, P: 1549-3636)
  12. Modern Civil and Structural Engineering, by Isaac Scientific Publishing (ISSN O: 2523-0689, P: 2523-0794)
  13. Oriental Journal of Physical Sciences, by Exclusive Research Publishers (ISSN: 2456-799X)
  14. Technology Audit and Production Reserves, by SPC PC "Technology Center" (ISSN O: 2312-8372, P: 2226-3780)
  15. The Open Construction & Building Technology Journal, by Bentham Open (ISSN: 1874-8368)